"Heimspiel" 2021: Ronja Svaneborg | Performance

Ronja Svaneborg: “I will be your space if you will be mine”, 2021/2022

In the performances of Bella Angora and Ronja Svaneborg as part of “Heimspiel”, we will experience two world premieres in the assembly hall of Kunstraum Dornbirn, now become a black box.

Registration for the performances at office@kunstraumdornbirn.at 
Due to the limited number of places, we ask for prior registration.
The 3G rule applies to visiting the event, admission is free.

Ronja Svaneborg, born in 1985 in Thy, Denmark, lives and works in Sibratsgfäll, Vorarlberg. Her work deals with found places and the question of our form of perception. What structures is perception based on? How can you control, disorient or redefine perception? What influence do content-related and historical markings of spaces have on our behaviour, and how can these be translated or transformed by shifting perception? How collective is individual experience and how important is the intimate in the collective memory?

Svaneborg’s conceptual approach treats what is not visible to the eye. The basic questions vary in abstract terms. Nevertheless, they are anchored in human reality and are visible to different degrees in social developments. The translation of memory into sound, the use of digitally generally accessible material for sound collages, or the addressing of stereotypical attributions are examples of overarching themes in Svaneborg’s artistic practice, which manifest itself as the media of installation, sound, performance and sculpture.

For more information on the exhibition “Heimspiel” please follow the link: https://www.kunstraumdornbirn.at/en/exhibition/heimspiel-2021-2