"Heimspiel" 2021: Bella Angora | Performance


In the performances of Bella Angora and Ronja Svaneborg as part of “Heimspiel”, we will experience two world premieres in the assembly hall of Kunstraum Dornbirn, now become a black box.

Registration for the performances at office@kunstraumdornbirn.at 
Due to the limited number of places, we ask for prior registration.
The 3G rule applies to visiting the event, admission is free.

Bella Angora, born in 1968 in Bregenz, lives and works in Vienna. Her artistic repertoire is multi-media and cross-genre. Her confrontation with social developments and conditions takes place symptomatically and essentially by reference to herself: she uses her body as a substrate and projection surface. In her intense performances, she directs our gaze to where we as viewers recognize, identify, feel uncomfortable and perhaps also understand. Angora addresses the big questions of our time in touching, intimate and expressive actions.

In her new performance, “Quadratur des Kreises” (Squaring the Circle), she interacts with video sequences projected onto the floor. Thematically, the project treats the question of whether and how mankind can cope with current crises and challenges that are manifesting themselves on different levels. The term “squaring the circle” is generally used as a metaphor for an unsolvable task and refers here to current problems within our society.

Angora embarks on a search for possible solutions and repeatedly loses herself in absurdities. Geometric light patterns mutate into a navigation system in night mode, which repeatedly leads her astray. Self-ironic statements collide with pathetic emotional drama and flimsy social analyses. On her odyssey, Angora meets characters from Greek mythology and Hollywood blockbusters or rotates as a female Vitruvian figure in an earth graphic drawn by lines of light. The navigation instruction “Please turn around” turns into an absurd mantra on a path whose destination seems to have been lost.

For more information on the exhibition “Heimspiel” please follow the link: https://www.kunstraumdornbirn.at/en/exhibition/heimspiel-2021-2