Sylvie Fleury

Sylvie Fleury, born in 1961, lives and works in Geneva. She is known for her mises-en-scène of glamour, fashion and luxury products. Although at first glance her works may seem like an affirmation of the consumer society and its values, on closer inspection a more subtle commentary on superficial beauty becomes apparent. Her objects, wall pieces, pictures and installations assume an intrinsic value far exceeding the mere affirmation of brand names. Sylvie Fleury’s bronze sculptures always demonstrate detailed knowledge of the artistic aesthetics of Pop Art and Minimal Art, without her work developing into Art on Art. No artist has probably ever combined the idea of Duchamp’s Ready Made with Warhol’s affirmation of the consumer world in such an unbiased way. In Fleury’s sculptures, the profane assumes an aura of sanctity.

Source: Thaddeus Ropac Gallery, Homepage

Yes to all, 2009
Gold Fountains_PKW and LKW, 2003
After hours 2 James Ewing Miniskirts are Back, 2009
ELA 75K Go Pout, 2000
Gold Fountains PKW/LKW, 2003